Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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From Mr. Hickson

  • Announcements September 17, 2014·        We will be starting an Animé Club on Fridays during second lunch. This group will meet in the computer lab near the library. They will participate in Animé trivia, watching Anime and art contests. If you are interested in joining there will be a very brief...

  • Announcements September 15, 2014·        Canadian Blood Services invites our school to be part of the "Young Blood for Life" Program.  The program is intended to give students the opportunity to learn more about the blood system in Canada, recruitment strategies and how to organize school clinincs.  Anyone interested in joining...

  • Announcements September 12, 2014Student Price Cards are only $9 and they allow students to save 5-20% on over 100 stores until July next year.  They will be available today at the beginning of each lunch in front of the cafeteria.  More information including a list of participating stores and their...

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