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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Foundation – the foundation of any country house . The construction will be long-lasting, durable, reliable, if the installation was literate.Initially, you must choose the best option basement, suitable in quality and price.
foundation can be of several types:

1. Pier foundation.

It is selected when the load of the walls is negligible. These are homes that do not have basements (panel and log). If a non-cohesive soil, such a foundation is not suitable.

It consists of a set of pillars, with step 1.5-2m, as well as at the intersection of the walls.The pillars are made of concrete, rubble and brick. Depending on the size of the material selected columns. Approximate dimensions of the pillars of stone – 60×60 cm, brick and concrete – 40×40 inches. Deeper than the depth of soil freezing (30 cm) buried pillars.

· The advantage of this foundation – cost and speed of construction. It is not advisable to carry out installation and construction of basements cap to close the distance between the posts.

2. strip foundation.

It is raised for the houses, if the walls are concrete, brick or stone. For the entire future of the building with its walls filled with all the continuous band, filled it with concrete, rubble concrete and foam concrete. First you need to dig a trench, which will be the foundation.Further manufacture of formwork plank walls, placed before pouring metal fittings. If the soil is clay – lay on a sandy base. The advantage of such a foundation is that it is reliable, it is suitable even for the construction of houses. You can also build basements and cellars.Lack – a long time of construction, a lot of digging, a lot of the cost of materials.

3. monolithic foundation .

If the soil is swampy or subsiding soils, it is reliable and durable base, if the house is small. Such a foundation – · reinforced concrete slab, located throughout the area of ??the house. First you need to dig a trench and then backfilled with sand, gravel, and a thickness of 10-20cm. Top assembly is waterproof, and in it put the valve. After all this, the pit is filled with concrete, the approximate depth of 40-50 cm The advantage of such a foundation, it is the basis of sex, it can be used in a swamp and sandy areas. Another advantage of such a foundation to prevent flooding of basements, plinths. The disadvantage of such a foundation is a high cost and high volume of work.

4. pile foundations .

Typically, these foundations are used for water-saturated and boggy ground. Piles keep the load provided by the facility, the lowermost, the dense layers of the soil. The maximum length can be up to 5m. Piles made of steel or reinforced concrete. They clog or screw into the ground. On top of their combined beams. The advantage of this foundation – a fast erection and can be used on any soil.

· To divert surface water, leveling is done, and all around is blind area. The cost of such a foundation for a one-story house of about 15-20%. The foundation for the averagesuburban wooden house can be 4-5tys. dollars. To do this, the choice of the foundation you need to approach very seriously. It is better to appeal to the designer in your area. Need to assess the level of resistance of the soil. Particular attention should be paid to the water table. · · The best basis for the foundation will be a homogeneous soil, peat and without stones, with groundwater. If the load is properly distributed, the foundation sits evenly.


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