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Friday, July 8, 2016

Building a house with his own hands. So, where to start?

Every person is a child familiar sense of calm, tranquility. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life often deprives us of the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant trifle, enjoy simple conversation with your family, or just relax mentally. And in most cases this is because the person is a stranger unto him a space where he can truly relax, even for a moment to break away from everyday problems. How to arrange a place where you will always know that you are waiting for? How to create an area in the world where you will be the absolute master? The answer, as all ingenious is simple – build a house with his own hands.

So, where to start?

Of course, by making a rough estimate. Building a house with his own hands, as each case requires a professional approach. We must immediately understand how much cost and what will be done. To calculate the cost, on the other hand, always be aware of the stages of building a house with his own hands, which you are, and we’ll help you with that!

The cornerstone

Of course, it is – the foundation of the house.Foundation – the supporting structure on which depends the strength of your building. That beginner mistakes builders who do not give such an important element of the design of the proper attention, becoming eventually cause distortions of the building, many facade cracks and even the collapse of the walls.We will consider all types of foundations, find the one that suits your home and, of course, let us approximate calculation of the required materials, as well as the cost of their purchase. With all of these nuances can be found under the heading house foundation .

Moving on.

House walls

They say that in any case native walls help. And this is no exaggeration. This section tells novice builders, what advantages and disadvantages of each building material, what material is preferable to you, and, of course, what expenses you expect for a specific choice of building stone. This entry is very useful to those who, reducing the cost of construction of its own building, is going to do major work on its own. For example, what kind of material to choose if your intention is to build a frame house with his own hands? We’ll show you – welcome to the section of the house !

In addition, we will consider such important factors as wall insulation, which many people forget, but then can not get rid of such unpleasant incidents like mold, the dew point inside the room, cold room, or huge bills for gas or electricity.

No harm will be and learn about the intricacies of sound insulation, as you see, sometimes even living in a big family, I want to rest in peace.

Basement home

Ease basement can assess any owner. Here not only can be equipped with a convenient cellar and pantry, you need to look further – make another living room! Equip the game room, put the bar, billiards and table tennis – and can call friends.The ideal option would be to install the pool in the basement, then you and your family can enjoy a holiday at any time of year. Thus, the construction of a country house with their own hands will be kept in a certain number of articles that will only need to read.

And how it is better to build, decorate, and what would be the cost – learn the headingbasement home .

Floor and ceiling of the house

This column, floor and ceiling of the house , contains detailed information about how to better organize the data elements of design, what options are suitable for certain occasions, what better finishes to choose according to the type of premises.

Windows and doors at home

It is only in fairy tales are houses with no windows and no doors, in life, of course, this will not meet. Device Stage windows and doors are usually final, and by the time that the amount for which initially hoped, have been exhausted. However, this is not a problem.Category windows and doors at home will introduce you to how to make yourself window frames, door frame kerf and install the door.

The same will be offered to you the details of all modern types of doors and windows.

The roof of the house

Making the roof with their hands

One of the most fascinating, however, and difficult stages of construction – the device roofs.Roof not only provides protection, a kind face of the building, as it is for facade and roof of the first impression of the house.

Category roof of the house will tell you what is the roof structure, which is preferred in certain embodiments, what materials to choose for the roof, as it is the life of the building element.

Decorating the house

One of the most interesting sections, which not only reveals the secrets of detailed finishes, but will consider new items on the market of construction materials. Do you want to put yourself decorative plaster to hit luxury and beauty of the room? Then you are in heading -home decoration .

Construction tools and materials

Having decided to build and decorate their own home, you need to thoroughly learn the capabilities of various construction tools. Category Tools and materials for house construction will give detailed description of each tool, each decoration and construction material.

Water and sewer network at home

Without which there can be no life? That’s right, no water. On our site you will find complete information about which pipe is best to choose for home, how to install them, how to do the wiring. Water system, built on our recommendations, will serve long, and most importantly – quality. Together we will find the optimum filters, install the boiler or boiler – before you only proven methods.

Will be affected and this delicate subject, as sewage water. How best to make a sewer system, which display risers, how to build a cesspool – the answers to these questions, you will learn in the category water and sewer network at home .

There will also be given information about the modern clean sump, drain hole device, the selection of the correct pump.


Possible, to completing such an important matter as the construction of the country house with his own hands, you will not mind to build and bath. Then has a new heading stages of construction baths , which will address all the subtleties of the organization of such a place of rest and recuperation. We are properly summarize the water to make a small pool, and also consider the fire recommendations.


Any house will look great in well-decorated surroundings. This environment can be created by, this does not necessarily invite costly specialist. Alpine slide, a scenic waterfall, a variety of ornamental plants and emerald green lawn – the future of your site, if you visit the section landscaped home .

Ask an Expert

If the reading material you have a question – you can always set it to the man who is building a home for life. Walk on the tab - ask a question, and get expert help and advice.

So, your building will be divided into successive stages which will not understand and work.Be our guests and very soon this site will become a home for you!



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