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Thursday, April 14, 2016

As we planned to land for construction of houses

For example, we were not very difficult to make the layout of our site, explain why:
- First of all – it has the correct shape of a rectangle with sides of 25 and 40 yards. The short side is adjacent to the road opposite, rests on agricultural land, it is a field. The right and left sides of the border area to other undeveloped. Which provides additional maneuvers for vehicles and construction equipment.
- Secondly – relief also possessed the correct layout of the site, as we have it even, with a slight slope to the side of the roadway of the street. This small and easy to fix a flaw several machines land, which will raise its front edge above the level of the road.
- Thirdly – placing the water source, in this case, a well, which was dug hands of professionals prior to the construction of the house. It is located under the farm buildings, so we just decided, this time, and secondly there just found the source, the method of “dowsing”.

You probably question in my mind: Why do so plan on a site well? Answer:
1. I do not want what he would have loomed in the area and took away the value of its area;
2. under the roof of the house it will be shielded from the outside weather (rain, snow, and most vicious – frost).

As for the depth of groundwater and soil type, most of all these factors influence the choice of the base, not the layout area as a whole. Also, they should consider when choosing plants and trees for your garden. The ground water level is also taken into account in the construction of basements and cellars, as it influences the choice of a waterproof outer walls of structures and types of drainage systems.

With regard to the horizon, then there’s not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Basic requirements, more wishes when building a house, most of the windows should go on the sunny side, that is, opposite the north side. It saves you money on heating in winter (cold) period of time. Accordingly, I had planned a house on a plot on the horizon, that the windows of bedrooms, hall and out the front door just to the south-west. Yes my neighbors wondering why there are no windows facing the street, that is, the roadway, the first reason I said, the other – there is no noise and dust from passing cars, and who does not look in the windows, also a great benefit.

Basic styles planning area
Geometric – is a style where everything is strictly hook in the Army, that is parallel to the perpendicular. I’m probably going to stick to it. A small area of ??10 acres makes the imagination run wild, because part of it was allocated to the garden and the garden, and just do not want to chase, as they say the fashion, it’s just the extra cost.
Landscaping – very fashionable at the moment style layout area, then all the way around, no flat tracks, they’re like a snake curled along some trees and alpine gardens. This direction in planning closer to nature, untouched by human hands, as though they are and were created. As you can imagine, this requires large areas, not like us, we are talking of 20 acres and set out above, although there are always exceptions to the rule. Personally, I was in such areas where everything from start to finish is done in the style of landscaping area with a size of 4.5 hectares, there is a lot of climbing lanes, various sizes, elevation terrain, fountains and waterfalls. Yes, everything is beautiful but I personally do not have much money at the moment.
Mixed – a mixture of first and second sheets, very simply take the two above mentioned, and start to plan, think, and then do it.

The three main functional areas
When planning the site, regardless of its size, basically there are three zones:
- Living – under this part is removed 12.8 percent of the land area, usually in towns, villages and summer community, is located at the beginning, closer to the road;
- Economic zone – as I said earlier, we have it is in the depth of the site, we were in the photo above you see it;
- Zone of the garden – you guessed it, here are your fruit trees, though not necessarily, the plantation of potatoes, onions and other vegetables, for this case does not need to give a small piece of land – up to 80%.
I would probably split the zones into two, as not all foresters plant his place potatoes in large quantities, but just thrown a small amount of vegetables for their own needs.
Garden and fruit trees can be in different parts of the plot, but it is desirable that it was a sunny side.

Yes, there are areas, such as recreation area, sports or children’s all depends on your requirements and capabilities and size of the area where you are planning to become a reality.

For example, I personally even before construction began, when just bought a plot for the construction of the house, took a leaf and his wife figured all this stuff, as mentioned above, had a layout of the site. Then I learned the basics in designing programs with Akron and all made in 3D on your computer, you can see that one by clicking on the link.


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