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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to build a sauna yourself?

Many wonder how to make a sauna in the house? However, it should be noted that there is quite a variety of options for saunas that modern construction market has to offer. But it should be noted that the question of how to build a sauna with your hands, is not depending on the type or types of saunas. So we have to fully understand the situation.

Types fount health

Saunas come in different designs. Among modern infrared sauna can be noted, the option, combined with a shower, a Finnish sauna and country rank in the apartment. From classic types are allocated as follows:
Earthen sauna. saunas Construction of this type is very simple – it dug peat, arranged over a large hole. Saunas build such a long time, their technology is simple, but that quality is poor;
Sauna in the barn. saunas Construction of this type involves the construction of large house with a separate room for drying crops and terrace;
Heater or Finnish sauna. quite common variety of building saunas in Finland. Kamenka is heated by wood, gas, electricity or liquid fuels. Water containers are not available, the hot water is taken outside of the steam room. Excess moisture removed with the help of an effective system of ventilation. The temperature in the sauna can reach high values. It is actually Traditional Finnish saunas, which are commonly used throughout the world.Make a Finnish sauna is not difficult, the technology of their construction has long worked through;
National sauna. Construction of saunas in different countries is influenced by national culture and can vary greatly in design. And this is indeed the case. In many countries, called simple steam saunas that use strong dry heat, which can come from any national sources;
Modern saunas. Modern building saunas – is the construction of built structures or large capital facilities consisting of several rooms of various saunas naznacheniya.Sdelat such difficult times with your hands, because such construction requires certain rules and regulations in relation to supporting the construction of certain conditions.
There are more varieties:

Prefabricated sauna – are small models that can be placed even in a small apartment. For unit team saunas do not need special training facilities, so there will not even have to ask how to build a sauna at home. Kamenka heated by electricity, used stones of volcanic rock that is resistant to high temperatures and have plenty of vaporization. The construction of this type of sauna affordable price;
Sauna-shower: These options are a type of modular sauna in the house, combined with shower facilities. This design can be installed even in a small space and is a protected shower with classic sauna.
Infrared sauna – is the latest development that has infrared heaters instead of the classic stove.The infrared sauna is healthy, the temperature of the heaters is 300 °.In such a place sweating is more intense, it nestles deep in the body.Radiation in the infrared sauna, stimulate metabolism, detoxifies, blood circulation. The body temperature is increased temporarily by suppressing bacteria and viruses.
So, how to build a sauna for home? To start, let’s define the choice. If the sauna-shower, then do not have to build a sauna, as setting the booth, and get you ready sauna.

By the way, this type of sauna has come off the shelf, we can only ensure that the appropriate communication network. But do not do it with their hands, although this is not that hard, give all professionals who guarantee the quality of the installation.

If you are interested in more classic version of the sauna, then decide the location. where it will get a steam room. Ideally, if your house has a lived-in basement, in which case it will be possible not only to build a sauna, and even a mini-pool.

But it will have to work to create the conditions for a sauna. First, you need the basement insulation, as hydro and heat. Secondly, the installation of ventilation, without which the device saunas prohibited. While for those who understand all the charm of relaxing in the sauna can go for such expenses.

Room that you are looking for sauna, must be carefully insulated and insulated. Next – defines the heater (special oven). It can be either from the gas and wood, and from electricity.Do not forget the extraction system – if the sauna will not be provided for ventilation, it can be easily poisoned by fumes.

Furnish better facilities are made of natural wood – note that a room will withstand high thermal loads, so from plastic, which under the influence of heat can produce harmful substances. in particular, formaldehyde, should be abandoned. fits the classic finishes – wood. Of course, a little expensive, but definitely safe for health.


In short, the options are many. Select the appropriate and enjoy with health benefits. Once again focus attention on the demands that have been outlined above, do not waving the little things that in the sauna is not there.


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