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Monday, November 30, 2015

Building a house with his own hands

If you are tired of city life and you decide to build your own home, no matter for what would have to live there permanently, or come to enjoy the weekend with family or friends. But you do not have enough money to hire a team of builders, and you have decided to build a house with his own hands, then I hope that this site will help you in this difficult matter. 
My house is much better than any of even the most comfortable apartment while construction and maintenance of a home are deal of money and hopane.

Building a house - it is a time consuming and complex process. To the construction of a residential building may seem an unattainable goal, is to provide some basic stages of construction. First of them – a preparatory. Start building stands with site selection , design documents, drafting of project documentation. Any home construction begins with the selection and purchase of the site and creates a project or purchase homes. Create a project at home or in full site you can order in projecting the company or pick up a ready-made (they can be found in magazines, books, the Internet) or if you are in any design skills to design yourself your home. If you do the project yourself it certainly will cost-free but it should be done if there is the slightest representation of the design that would later have resulted in unforeseen costs, for example in the design of the building size is necessary to consider what will be the overlap of the walls, such as concrete slabs, if it is necessary to take account of their size, which would not have happened so that you have kicked the wall, and to the overlapping of these boards do not exist. Construction of private houses - a significant monetary investment. How to determine the scope of future costs? Project - is just the beginning. To build a house on it, you need to make an estimate of the construction, only then can we compare the desires and possibilities.Before you start building a house, you need to know the cost of materials and labor associated with the construction. The cost estimate must be based on the average prices of building materials and various types of work. Such an abstract estimate is needed so that you can imagine the extent of future costs. Needless to say, your own house or opens an incomparable freedom. As I want – and build! Some of our contemporaries said: “Your house always are what you eat.” No apartment – even tasteful remodeled and rebuilt again – not in a position to give a person a kind of freedom – to build on their understanding of the blue. However, greater freedom is associated with so much responsibility. And if the apartment much can be justified by environmental conditions, which are the owners, the individual country house fully demonstrates his master. Reflects his personality. Construct a good home - a great art. Complicated especially if you do it the first time. How to make sure that the house was truly native to your family members?That it attracted you to her, drew after work, tour or travel. For your friends admire not only its magnitude, but also with your ideas. Yes, it’s not easy. But we’ll go this way with you, sharing their experiences and helping to solve your confusion, doubts, and difficulties.

Construction work

The first thing to do – to prepare the land for the building. This shall be the dismantling of old structures (if any), and drainage works. Ideally, this step is to come in the spring – in this case, the chances that the construction of the house will be held within one construction season (spring and autumn), are the highest.

The foundation of the building of walls and facade work, are the next step. These works are well suited to provide the summer – then the fall at the future home will already be ready to “box.” painted communications (water, electricity, ventilation) - this is the next phase of construction, followed by the installation of roofing systems and installation of windows and doors. In winter, you can do finishing work and landscaping homes. After these works are completed, the house can be considered fully operational.Improvement site

After you have built a house with all utilities can transgress to the improvement of the site, the construction of the fence, laying paving and other work on how you have the imagination and the money is and creating flower beds, arbors for recreation, construction of the Russian bath or basin planting garden and more. It all depends on your desires and fantasies.



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