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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Infrared sauna with their hands: three types and their installation

The fact that water treatments are beneficial to health and human health are not talking.Therefore, many suburban developers immediately erected baths for your body and for your soul. But in the lives of our fellow countrymen have long included a sauna, a steam bath alternative. Although this type of vacation has come to us from abroad, but quickly caught on, and even became popular.

And how sometimes you do not warm up in the sauna, and just sit in a hot room, just to warm up the body to the bone. And without a sauna is not enough. So, we must build it. But already in the area near the house built bath, why do we have one extra structure, the more area do not allow it, just no more room. So, will combine bath and sauna. And is it possible? We will investigate.

Immediately, we note that to build a sauna with his hands and can not attract professional help, although this does not hurt. Still, we try. The easiest way to get a sauna – is to buy a ready-made version. But keep in mind that this idea does not cost you a single penny.There are such sauna is not cheap. Besides, it will have to be transported on site and pay for the installation wizards and assembly.
And whether you need such costs, because even the house itself was practically built with their own hands, and here a small sauna. Is not possible to do without experts? Sure you can.

A little theoretical knowledge, a bit of building material, infrared heat sources, and strong desire to construct a sauna is already in full swing. Do not want to clog the mind that these should match the interior cabin bath, although it is encouraged. The basis of this design will be well spent insulation works, the rest will follow.

Designs are saunas

But these saunas can not be classified as buildings that are being built with his own hands, and they are not cheap. But there is an option saunas that can be collected independently. But first it is necessary to determine the materials from which it can be built. So, there are three types of materials. They are:

Standard blank.
How do they differ from each other. We shall not discuss here the last option, because of the ready blanks sauna can be installed in an open space, that is, it will take some, even a small area. The more preparation – it’s bars and beam with complex bindings like tongue and groove.

But infrared sauna made of panels, this is what we need. Especially since its construction is made by hand. What you need? First, purchase panels that are available in various sizes producers from small to large sheets. And it is very important to acquire the panel.

Will be useful for some large sheets that can be cut to the required sizes. For other panels of a certain size, which is fitted under the cab frame.

Frame structure

The design of the sauna panels has the same connection as in finished pieces, so it is durable, reliable. But the simple design frame is an infrared sauna. For its manufacturing needs wooden beam size 40-50 mm, wall paneling, insulation material and a set of equipment which is staffed by an infrared sauna.

In order to save on the material, you can install a sauna in the corner of the room, so be prepared to have two walls. Now the manufacture of timber frame two walls, be sure to leave an opening for the front door. Close the wall on the inside lining, then laid the insulation, it is very important to seal all cracks and gaps. And the last – is finishing outside the frame clapboard.

Hang the door, which also can be made with their own hands, using all the same materials.Now do interiors cabin. Obbivat floor and ceiling paneling, putting pre-heater. All sauna, or rather cabin sauna ready.

You can install the equipment. It should be all right place. For example, the control panel is best to hang on the outside of the front wall of the sauna, power regulator placed under the seat, which is located inside the cab, here you can set one of the radiators, which will warm up the leg. Hang four emitters in the corners and it all together into one system.

By the way, the angle infrared emitters can be directly anchored to the wood surfaces with screws. But if you want to make them, as it were cultivated, we can arrange an in-depth in the wall seat, into which they are inserted. This version looks more presentable.

The most surprising is that this sauna does not require water, sewer, there is only an electric current, and no humidity. A very important point, which necessarily must be considered is the installation of ventilation. The ventilation system in a sauna is not complicated, it is necessary to leave a small hole in the ceiling and set back the bolt. When opening or closing the valve, you can adjust the temperature inside the sauna.

Do not forget about the lighting for this one small source will suffice. As you know, the most important and crucial moment – is the electrical part, so if you spend working with your hands, then try to take it seriously with the responsibility.


That’s the way you can in your own bath in the suburban area to build another, and sauna.The more costs are small, simple installation, and added fun.


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